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Get the entire collection of 1399 episodes of the CBS Radio Mystery theater that aired from 1974-1982. This set is offered in MP3 format on 4 DVD's. These shows were originally one hour in length and some still have the original commercials in them, others have them edited out.  So if you are a CBS Radio Mystery Theater fan, then here is your chance to own the complete collection on 4 convenient DVD's.  To order this set, see below.

This set comes from my personal collection, which took me 4 years to complete.  All 1399 shows come on 4 new DVD-R disks that are labeled and put into protective cases as seen in the pictures below. (Note: This set is still for sale and will continue to be offered here until this website is no longer running!)  


Click on the Drop Down box to hear audio samples of CBS Radio Mystery Theater, CBS Radio's "Suspense", CBS Radios' "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar", NBC/CBS "Lux Radio Hour" NBC Radio's "Draget", OTR "The Lone Ranger", and "Sherlock Holmes" (Suspense, Dragnet, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, Lux Radio Hour, The Lone Ranger, Sherlock Holmes, and Perry Mason Now Available, see below for details)  

*Note: you may need to allow popups to listen to these samples


The complete Set for $35.95 + $7.95 S&H


This Site is now offering the following Radio Programs:

CBS Radio's "Suspense"

NBC Radio's "Dragnet"

CBS Radio's "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar"

NBC/CBS "Lux Radio Hour"

OTR "The Lone Ranger."

OTR "Sherlock Holmes."

OTR "Perry Mason."


To get more information, visit:

CBS Radio's "Suspense" Sales Site

NBC Radio's "Dragnet" Sales Site

CBS Radio's "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar" Sales Site

NBC/CBS "Lux Radio Hour" Sales Site

OTR "The Lone Ranger" Sales Site

OTR "Sherlock Holmes" Sales Site

OTR "Perry Mason" Sales Site



Currently this set is only available for those who live in the United States.

Please read the return details on the Disclaimer Page and check out the FAQ's before completing your purchase!

To obtain this set, you can send me a US Postal Service money order for $43.90. (Email me for more details)

Alternately you can use Paypal by clicking on the link below.


Questions or comments?  Email me!